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Client Corner

I would like to inform you of the fantastic work your driller Warren Atkinson did while working with me on the project. Warren was on time daily, always either on schedule, or ahead of schedule while never cutting any corners. On days which we encountered obstacles we were able to work through them smoothly/professionally while staying on the same page and not falling behind schedule. He was also able to keep his helpers (Gary and Jeremy) busy and happy; Gary and Jeremy also worked very hard and consistently did a good job throughout the project. Please thank Warren for me, and we are excited to work with him in the future.


Your men did a very very good job in very rough conditions.  Carl is a good driller and runs a tight ship.


I've worked with Warren on two difficult sites in the past week and he was very helpful in dealing with the challenges of each site. Each site had areas that were hard to access and Warren creatively found ways to do borings in or near those areas without jeopardizing our safety. It was great working with Warren on those sites and I'd gladly work with him on others sites in the future.


Just wanted to say another job well done today! Thanks again Tony for getting me set up last minute with the smaller Dingo. Carl, Warren, and Gary did a great job today, as well. When the Dingo blew a propane line, I was getting ready to gather my things, because I thought for sure that the day was lost. The guys didn’t skip a beat. Gary went to Home Depot, grabbed some parts, and they had it back up-and-running within about a half an hour.  They then proceeded to install the well in my desired location, which I should add was extremely tight between a 4”-PVC sewer line and the concrete patio. They took all the necessary precautions to ensure the line wouldn’t be hit and kept the site neat, which went a long way with the homeowner. He was happy with the job, which means a lot, because he had been extremely critical of our work during our remedial excavation.  


I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated the efforts, professionalism, and over all knowledge of Warren Atkinson on my job in hillside over the past two days. From the first time I worked with Warren at my previous employer, I knew that Warren and EPI were the gold standard and that's why I looked to continue our relationship here.


You are the best Paul!!!! This is so helpful to me and I sincerely appreciate all the additional assistance I get on all my project from EPI. I really feel like I am working with an amazing team of professionals, that go the extra yard whatever the circumstances! In addition to Paul's amazing results, Carl was great to work with this week, and Bob was also great to work with last week. I'm so very happy with all the work EPI has done for me. I look forward to future work with a great team of people!


I wanted to comment on the work the last few days in Jersey City. Carl did an excellent job carrying out the scope of work we discussed. Having drilled at the site many times before, I know it is a tough site and some of the borings took a significant effort to pull the samples. He did put in the extra effort and we were able to get into the layers we were targeting. Despite the rainfall on the first day, we still drilled more borings than scheduled and he accommodated with the truck. Also Paul did a great job with the GPR checking locations and marking out in non-stop rain. We appreciate the cooperation and diligence!


I just wanted to let you know that Joe and Kyle did a fantastic job at the Sherwin Williams site. The Lockheed Martin task leader rated them as the best probing crew we have worked with. The EPA was also impressed with their performance and attitude.


Today went Very Well.  I look forward to working with you again.  Your two guys were exceptional! I have not had a hassle free drill day like that in a long time.  100 % every time, about 3 inches of back fill total, and no jammed tubes.  And that is with boring to depths of up to 25 feet. 


I’d like to thank Joe for his efficient work and sense of professionalism while out at the site. He abandoned the while correctly and left the site cleaner than before work began. Any questions I had regarding the well abandonment and procedures was thoroughly addressed by Joe in an understanding manner. He even answered the clients questions and alleviated some concerns regarding the well. Once again thank you and we look forward to working on more projects with EPI in the future.


I just wanted to take the time to mention to you (and Tony) that Bob Flemming and Kyle did an impressive job today at our site in Branchburg, NJ with the high heat and humidity that we’re dealing with.  They always do great work and never have any complaints.


I just wanted to note that last week Bob and Kyle did a great job during this challenging project.  There is a lot of logistical red tape and security restrictions with this site and they dealt with them professionally and always kept the work moving along.  I look forward to working with EPI in the future.

The past few days, I have been working with two of your drillers, Bob Flemming and Gary Decker.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was very appreciative of their help out there. They were both very professional and friendly and their work ethic was excellent. They were a true pleasure to work with. I only have a few years of experience in the environmental field and it is a great help to me to have two experienced and professional contractors in the field. Thank you and I look forward to working with Bob and Gary in the future.


I didn’t get a chance to send this prior to the Christmas break, but I wanted to once again express my satisfaction with the work that was completed Paul, Bob, Carl and Joe out at my Hamilton site last week.  Paul and Bob were very helpful in identifying the former UST locations and utilities on the property and even went beyond the call of duty by clearing some interior borings for us.  Carl and Joe worked through some very interesting conditions out there to make sure we were able to complete our sampling, it was a long day and those guys never wavered once.  It is nice to arrive onsite and see a marked off work area and the guys ready to work.


I would like to let you know that I was very pleased with the work performed yesterday by Bob and Dave.  As you are aware, we did not start drilling until 10:45am due to the air compressor rental mix-up, and we were leaving the site by 7:15pm.  As he always does, Bob and Dave went above and beyond to finish the work.  Please let your guys know that I was very thankful that they were able to stay late to finish up.  


I wanted to follow up regarding Bob and Dave. The guys arrived onsite in a timely fashion and overcame some unfavorable site conditions and logistics to complete the job in a successful and safe fashion. We were all very pleased to have such great service from Bob and Dave and the whole EPI team (mainly yourself and Carol) to complete this task.


I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you that I had very positive experience working with Dave Latimer at my site.  We encountered some difficulties with accessing locations (no fault of ours, just a crowded warehouse) and Dave was very patient and worked with me to get the job done. Dave handled himself very professionally and was very prepared.  It’s always nice to be able to relay the scope once and know that I don’t have to constantly keep an eye to make sure shortcuts are being taken and my sub is working in a safe and courteous manner.


Another A+ job by your staff, always well prepared and ready to tackle difficult tasks with ease.  We will have more work out at the site once we get done with the pilot test.  I will make sure to contact you when we are ready to go. Please thank your guys for a job well done.


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for last week and wanted to also commend Dave Latimer for his hard work last week. I didn’t feel rushed while logging the borings (like with other drillers I’ve used in the past), but when we needed to get things moving along, he worked very efficiently. He accommodated our requests as we went along, as we were sort of going in blind on this job with the extremely limited information we had going into the field work, and I appreciate that very much.  Looking forward to working with you guys in the future!


It was a pleasure working with Dave at the site.  He is very knowledgeable and he picked up our methodologies very quick.  He is a  genuine good  guy and did everything I asked with no question, I think you have a very good addition to the EPI team with him.  


I just wanted to let you know that I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dave and Kyle last week for three days. They were wonderful, very efficient, and the new machine works great. I even tried to get on site early to get some groundwater sampling done before they got there but they were always early! They are both fantastic.


I wanted to write you an email while I had some time regarding the work that was done in Paterson last week with Dave and Justin. I just wanted to mention that it was a pleasure working with these guys. They did every task as I directed them without any hesitation they also exhibited a very good attitude doing the work during the two days we were out there. They also helped with other tasks that the project manager had asked me to do (i.e. putting some soil on an oil stained/spill area from where people had been dumping used motor oil jugs onto our site) and then they put this dirt into a drum while I was filling out chains of custody for the lab pickup. I just wanted to put in a good word for these guys and I look forward to working with EPI in the near future hopefully.

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